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When Did I Meet You Grandpa? | Oliver Kringle
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When Did I Meet Your Grandpa?

The highly anticipated sequel to "When Did I Meet You Grandma?" is here— "When Did I Meet You Grandpa?"

Who is more wonderful to a child than a grandpa? A child usually understands that his/her parents have been there from the beginning. On the other hand, a grandpa is often a little more of a mystery. Where did this older version of my parents come from? Was grandpa there from the beginning? Grandpas come in all shapes and sizes.

"When Did I Meet You Grandpa?" is wonderfully illustrated to depict all grandpas. A child asks the simple question, "When did I meet you Grandpa?" setting into motion the narrative which follows.

Some grandpas are modern and some are traditional. One thing for sure is that all grandpas are important!

Included is a "my own Grandpa" page for a child to record special information about his/her own grandpa.

Please check back at my site to read special stories I plan to share about the illustrations in each of my books. As an artist, I can add meaningful elements that don't detract from the author's story. For those of you that purchase my "Grandpa" book, you can find references or tributes to these personal or special things in my life:

1. The Modesto Bee
2. I had a Boston terrier dog that died on St. Patrick's Day
3. Star Wars and Elvis
4. I watched live on television as man first walked on the moon
5. The author's other new book is "Drinking Fountain Joe"
6. The X-Files
7. Star Trek
8. The author likes to have underwear in each of his children's books . . . haha 9. Toy Story fan
10. Jerry Rice and Joe Montana
11. My daughter's sorority, Gamma Phi Beta
12. My son played football for Thomas Downey Knights and wore #89

This is almost like "Where's Waldo"! Have fun finding these, email me if you have any trouble. Some are trickier than others.

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