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When Did I Meet Your Grandma?

For those of you that purchase my "Grandma" book, you can find references or tributes to these personal or special things in my life:

1. The author's first book was called, "Ol' Lady Grizelda"
2. Star Trek, Spock and Tribbles
3. Dr. McCoy on Star Trek was nicknamed "Bones" — I played off the spelling
4. My children's names are Leslie and Russ
5. My niece has red hair and freckles.
6. My sister had a Boston terrier named Betty
7. My daughter has a dimple on her left cheek.
8. My mom does cross stitch and her dog's tongue was always sticking out.
9. Another favorite movie is Rudy

Have fun finding these, email me if you have any trouble. Some are trickier than others.



When Did I Meet You Grandma? [Clove Publications, Inc.: May 1, 2000]

This tribute to all grandmothers will touch the heart of anyone who ever had a special grandmother in his/her life.

A single narrator asks the question; “When did I meet you Grandma?” setting out on a delightful romp to recall many memories with “Grandma”. With an enchanting blend of rhyme and whimsy, this book explores the wonders of a grandmother. A special page in the front to paste a photo of “My Own Grandma” and an interactive page in the back for the grandchild or grandmother to record personal memories add to this wonderful story of everyone’s grandmother.

With playful, full-color illustrations on every page, When Did I Meet You Grandma? will bring a tear to your eye and joy to your heart. A treasure for all generations, this will surely be a favorite book to give as a gift for young and old alike.

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“I moved to Colorado for a one year sabbatical to pursue my dream of illustrating children’s books. In that time, I managed to illustrate a novel cover, numerous children’s book covers, a middle reader book and a wedding planner. But when my one year sabbatical was up I still had not illustrated a children’s book.

I decided to stay in Colorado and helped my sister open a gift store. While working in her store, I was approached by a man carrying several books. The one on top was “Ol’ Lady Grizelda,” a book I had seen many times while keeping up with the children’s picture book market. Before he had the chance to say anything, I said, ‘I love that book!’ His eyes got really big and he said, ‘You do? I wrote the book.’ He was hoping we might want to sell his books in the gift store.

One thing led to another and within a week he was looking at my portfolio. He had been searching for a new artist and when he was finished looking at my work, he said, ‘You can illustrate any one of my books you want.’ I read about ten manuscripts and when I got to this grandmother story, I knew it was the one I would illustrate.”

-- Laurie McAdam

*Douglas County News-Press article

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