With a computer portrait you will obviously NOT have an original but you will receive a number of beautiful prints (color-fast up to 80 years on heavy art paper) and the computer file on a CD to make as many prints as you like on your own. Fee: $500 ...this includes a one-person portrait with the scanned file on CD, one 11”x14” print and an 8”x10” print (or two 5”x7” prints) ...for multi-person portraits add $300/person. My original portrait of Clay (above), was a computer portrait and Clay’s favorite ...mine too, definitely unique.


spend a good deal of my spare-time doing portraits and art for charity. I received so many email requests for portraits, I am offering these plans for just a short time. Portraits can also be of pets ....fees are the same. My fees are based on demand and may fluctuate (includes S&H and tax). A down-payment will be necessary and full details will be emailed and questions answered in a timely manner.

The pastel portrait is done with chalk pastel on colored paper. You will receive the original and your choice of one 11x14 print, one 8x10 or two 5x7 prints. You will also receive the portrait scanned onto a CD for future prints ...give prints as gifts to grandparents and family. Fee: $1,000 ....add $500/person


This category
is totally fun! Above you can see a picture of my Uncle Bill with David Letterman ....they never actually met but when my uncle passed away ....I did this portrait of him and since he reminded me of Dave, I put them together. This portrait hangs in my bedroom and is my favorite. Fee: $2,000 (obviously a 2-person portrait) ...you won’t receive a CD file for this portrait as that infringes on copyrights of the star. Pastel original (no computer art) only and 2 prints. for more details and questions.




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